How do I mute the sounds?

To mute the sounds temporarily (sounds will resume next time you log in):

1) Click on the SOUNDS (SPEAKER) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

To mute the sounds indefinitely (sounds will only resume if you change this setting back):

1) Click on the SETTINGS (GEAR) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

2) Set your preferences for GAME SOUNDS and BACKGROUND MUSIC to NO. Click OKAY to save your settings.

How do I play UtiliFIT Deskercise mini-games?

UtiliFIT Deskercise mini-games send you small physical challenges to complete every hour to keep you from being sedentary throughout your day. In A Step Ahead: Zombies, they count toward your exercise, which increases your team’s clash strength and kills zombies (for human players).

To play UtiliFIT:

1) Click on the CELL PHONE (SORI) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

2) Click on START A GAME in the menu.

3) Select a category to view games of various types, or click on the Game of the Day.

Check out each game’s description and stats on the Game Details screen. When you find one you like, click START GAME.

4) Use the +/- buttons to adjust the start time of your game and click GO when you’re ready. Games default to start on demand (NOW).

5) Challenges will arrive at the interval described on the Game Details page. Follow the activity description and photo illustrations to complete the activities. When you complete an activity, click on the green I DID IT button.

How do I track diet, lifestyle and exercise activities?

Track diet, and lifestyle items to recover your character’s health. Track exercise to increase your team’s clash strength and kill zombies (as a human player).

To track diet, lifestyle and exercise activities:

1) Click on the CELL PHONE (SORI) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

2) Click on TRACK ACTIVITIES in the menu.


4) Click on the CATEGORY of the item you’d like to track to view an activity list.

5) Click on any individual ITEM in the category list.

6) If the item is time-based, use the LEFT/RIGHT arrows to adjust the time, and click the CHECK to queue the item up.

Items that have been queued up will have a green check next to them. You can queue up multiple items before confirming.

7) Click on the CONFIRM (X) ITEMS button to confirm all queued items.

Once you’ve confirmed your item(s), you’ll see a confirmation.

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Which bluetooth pedometers can A Step Ahead: Zombies import steps from automatically?

A Step Ahead: Zombies can currently import steps from bluetooth-enabled pedometers made by the following manufacturers:


Note that in order for your pedometer to send steps to A Step Ahead, you must connect your device account to UtiliFIT and regularly sync your device to the device’s phone app.

If you don’t have a device from one of the manufacturers above, don’t worry, you can enter your steps manually.

Can inactive players slow down the zombie horde?

No. The Zombie Horde has a pre-set minimum pace, as determined by your group’s health coach. Zombie players whose steps are less than the pre-set minimum pace are not averaged in to the zombie pace calculation.

How do I get a zombie speed boost?

You can get a small speed boost to your zombie character by tracking diet and/or healthy lifestyle items in the UtiliFIT Tracker. After all, a healthy zombie is a fast zombie!

As a zombie, your character health is represented by 5 hearts in the upper left corner of the A Step Ahead: Zombies game board.

How can I increase the Horde’s ferocity?

The Horde’s ferocity (represented visually on the game board by 5 zombie claws that fill in) determines how much damage the zombies will do to the humans in a human vs. zombie clash.

To increase the Horde’s ferocity, track exercise and/or play UtiliFIT Deskercise mini-games. Check out the health of teams ahead to see who your new recruits might be if you catch human teams.