A Step Ahead: Zombies

Wellness challenges created by… game designers?

Games take us away to different worlds, challenge us, entertain us, and engage us. But games don’t have to be limited to first-person shooters on your Xbox or slingshotting ill-tempered birds on your smartphone. We use games to create healthier humans.

Yeah, we stand out.

A Step Ahead: Zombies

A Step Ahead wasn’t designed by a stuffy corporate wellness team trying to slap the term “gamification” on an otherwise boring program. It was created by video game designers, with game mechanics, a custom gaming engine and all the fun and engagement of real games.

Games vs. Gamification

Why games?

They’re fun
Games are engaging by nature of being fun! When you make something fun, people will naturally want to participate.

They’re ideal for groups
Games are excellent at driving behavior in groups, where team play, group goals, camaraderie and competition motivate action.

They support positive behavior change
Our very physiology and hard wiring naturally align with using games for positive behavioral change. Interested in the science?

The Science of Gaming Engagement

Level Up Your Employee Health

A Step Ahead runs on the revolutionary UtiliFIT Activity Engine, which uses real-world activity to determine player progress. Players level up their health and progress through challenges using pedometer steps, UtiliFIT Anti-Sedentary Desk Activity Games, and diet, exercise and lifestyle tracking.

Learn More About the UtiliFIT Activity Engine

Wellness Bolt-on

Add to your existing wellness.

A Step Ahead is the perfect bolt-on to your existing wellness plan. 6 and 12-week challenges can be purchased individually or in annual/quarterly packages. A Step Ahead can provide a “shot in the arm” to jumpstart employee engagement in wellness, and works great across entire companies or individual departments for corporate team-building.

Already have your own employee rewards? Inquire about integrating your rewards directly into A Step Ahead challenges for your employees.

A Step Ahead: Zombies

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